The people in the world of The Size Revolution SizeNot are we; the innovator, Stina Dahlin CEO (right) & Mia Berg (left). If you want to get in touch with the two of us, you’ll find Stina at stina.dahlin@sizenot.com and Mia at mia.berg@sizenot.com

The two of us have a vast experience in the fashion industry, based on our different skills, Stina as patternmaker and Mia as stylist. Through our work we have come to understand the complexity of the problem with ”size” – both from the consumer side and also from the fashion producer/retailer side.

We aim to longterm eliminate the concept of ”size” altogether. The consumers will no longer need to know or even think about their size. And fashion producers will eventually be rid of all returns due to wrong size clothing. This is how we came up with the size solution – SizeNot! A digital service, unique in it’s field.

However, we are no tech-developers, even though Stina is a tad bit nerdy … So we needed to add specific competence to the project, and now our world also includes tech-dude Björn Berglund, our CTO with a vast experience as an IT-designer/architect. You will find Björn at bjorn.berglund@sizenot.com

Along the way we have had the help of some great people and right now, doing the programming is Macaroni Studios.

But we have to give credit where credit is due, and for the first year in the project, Anders Hansson was our tech-developer-nerd. With a little help from his, only slightly less nerdy, collegue Tatsiana Harbenka. One more tech-nerd needs to be mentioned; Kim Haapamäki helped us one summer set up our proof-of-concept, on which our whole development is based.

(Oh, did we say WE LOOOOOVE NERDS?! We do.)

Last but not least, backing us corporate wise, we have the investmentgroup I Love Lund on board.

We are growing our people base! More to come soon.

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