The Why

We came up with SizeNot for a number of reasons, the most important ones being: to eliminate the anxiety ”size” often gives us consumers when shopping for clothes, and to help the fashion industry reduce unnecessary returns due to wrong size clothing and as an effect; reduce harmful impact on the environment, such as transports, pollution and overproduction.

The UN came up with The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, specifying 17 goals which all serve as guidelines for the well-being of the Earth and for you and me. These goals correspond with several of SizeNot’s goals. Our ”why”.

Starting with Goalnr3Good Health and Well-Being. How is this related to an app that gives us our best fit in clothing you may ask? Well. If we take a closer look at the fashion industry and the values it stands for today, there are still quite a number of unhealthy standards. Skinny models has been a problem for decades and it is changing but too slow. Our long term goal is to altogether eliminate the concept of “size”, so that no one needs to feel bad about themselves, whether “too big” or “too small”!

And then we have the modern idea of “vanity sizing”, when fashion producers mark down the size on the garment, so that we consumers feel slimmer when shopping.

This may result in a much larger health problem, since we are actually fooled into believing we’re smaller than we are, and therefore we may continue unhealthy habits. All while the fashion industry cashes in …

Goal nr5Gender Equality. Again, how is this related to a sizing-app? It is. It is a question of empowerment of women and their bodies. Since women historically have been subjected to gender oppression through fashion. Impractical fashions, leaving women helpless, immobile and slaves to dieting in trying to achieve unattainable goals. So absolutely yes, fashion has always been a strong voice for women’s liberation! And still is. We just replaced corsets with diets …

Goal nr6 – Clean Water and Sanitation. Seeing how water plays an important role in the production of textiles, both in the amounts used, but also as waste. Dirty, polluted water being let out by the industries into rivers and oceans. By reducing the returns, and therefore also the overproduction of garments, SizeNot can help the industry to no longer use and pollute as much water.

Goal nr9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. SizeNot is undeniably a part of the fashion industry, aiming for the major, global fashion chains to join our solution, which is an innovation in it’s field.

SizeNot may also be part of building and developing infrastructures, based on the consumers permition of collected data. What’s the size of people today in comparison to the 70’s for example? So how does a bus or a train need be designed?

Goal nr10 – Reduced inequalities. SizeNot is “size inclusive”. We don’t discriminate due to size. Big or small, we aim to make you feel happy and content with your body! And to be able to shop any clothing item you’re heart desires without having anxiety about size!

Goal nr12 – Responsible Consumption and Production. SizeNot will contribute to a more responsible and reasonable consumption, when we as consumers no longer have to buy five items of the same garment in different sizes with each purchase. Instead, we can now buy the right size immediately and the producers no longer have to produce the same high amount of different sizes ordered and returned as before.

Goal nr13 – Climate Action. You betcha! As being part of SizeNot’s Size Revolution the fashion industry can make huge climate changes in cleaning up their businesses. Mainly by:

  1. reducing “unnecessary” short- and long haul freights, emitting less carbon dioxide
  2. reducing overproduction, emitting less polluted water and other industrial waste
  3. using less energy when cutting overproduction

Goal nr14 – Life below Water. One result of less returns due to wrong size clothing, will evidently be less industrial waste emitted into the oceans. Which will benefit all sea living creatures.

Goal nr15 – Life on Land. And the same goes for all land living creatures, whom will benefit from less air- and soil pollution when all those unnecessary freights and overproduction will decrease.

Goal nr17 – Partnerships for the Goals. SizeNot seeks partnerships actively, relating to the goals mentioned above. We would very much like to get in touch with institutions, authorities and governmental departments involved in environmental work regarding the fashion industry and how to solve it’s challenges.

If this is you, please contact us at!