The How

SizeNot is truly the first accurate tool on the market to target and eliminate the immense problem of wrong size clothing when shopping on-line.

We take on a whole new and unique approach to the issue, and instead of matching the consumers body measures with standardized size charts, we match body measures to the actual garment measures.

Sounds great, huh?! Because it is.

It is in fact really very simple. So simple that no one has thought of doing it yet. Until we did.

Let me make a really simple comparison: everyone knows that you need an architectural drawing in order to build a house, right? A drawing where every single measure and angle are meticulously entered. Not everyone knows that in order to make a garment, you need a similar drawing. Also with every single measure and angle meticulously entered.

This drawing, called a “pattern”, accompanies the garment throughout the whole production process, included in what’s referred to as a “garment spec”, i.e. a specification of everything needed to make the garment.

The measurements used by the designer when creating a garment, is what SizeNot is based on. Garment measures converted into consumer body measures. Easy!

This is how SizeNot could look on your preferred webshop;

When you find a garment you want, you click on it as usual, but instead of choosing size traditionally, by size charts, you can choose to upload your personal measures digitally! By doing so, we match all your body measures to the actual garment measures, also taking in consideration the ease and general design/look of the garment.

Resulting in the best match possible! Like this, you will never have to worry about what size your are (or not!). So instead of ordering five different sizes of the same garment, you end up with the one that fits you the best!

The body scanning process? Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered too! SizeNot will come as a package deal, where you can scan yourself, and obtain the perfect measures as well as matching them.

Want to join our revolution? Want to check out our fit algorithm IRL? Give us a shoutout at and we’ll hook you up with a password!

For more information, please get in touch with us at!