The Facts

There are so many variables to the problems concerning ill fitting sizes within the ready-to-wear-segment of today’s fashion industry. Watered down size standards, different size tables from country to country, and worst problem of all – the ill use of “vanity sizing” – when producers/retailers mark down the actual size in order to make consumers feel slimmer.

Regardless of it’s problems, the fashion industry is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with.

Did you know that the global fashion industry is valued at a whopping three trillion USD on a yearly basis, which equals 2% of the entire worlds total GDP? (, 2018)

And did you know that the yearly cost of returns for wrong size clothing, bought online, amounts to a staggering 62,4 billion USD? Wrong size clothing alone. Not counting all returns for other reasons, the handling costs or the cost on the environment … (IHL Group, 2015)

Whom of you have not been in a similar situation? Fifty pairs of jeans tried and discarded? None fitting well enough? Well, you are not alone. And the problem gets even worse online.

What consumers do online to compensate the lack of well fitting clothing, is to order five sizes of the same garment – the one they think is the right one and then two up and two down.

Resulting in inevitable returns. Best case scenario – consumer keeps one and returns four. Worst case – consumer returns all. Resulting, for the retailers, in costs of transportation, massive handling costs for huge amounts of garments coming back too late to be sold again. In it’s turn, resulting in destruction. Landfills.

According to the Pulse Report, 2017, published by Global Fashion Agenda, 73% of the worlds entire clothing production eventually ends up in landfills. (Garbage dumps that are buried in the ground)

This practice needs to end. A massive responsibility undoubtedly lies on the industry itself, but we can not altogether neglect the consumer responsibility. We all need to change our consumer patterns.

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