The Advisory Board

SizeNot is very lucky indeed to be surrounded by extremely competent and experienced advisors, in all different areas of business. These are:

Anna Arwidi; with over 20 years of experience working in market and business development for small, medium and large global organizations across diverse industries. Most recently the focus has been retail tech and making a difference for customers in customer experience, security and operations by the use of various technologies.

Björn Englund; manages I Love Lund, an investment group investing in start-ups and scale-ups. Björn has invested and believed in SizeNot since the beginning, in 2018. A background of 25 years of experience within the financial sector, of which 15 years in fund managing and analytics in Copenhagen, Luxembourg and the Middle East, as well for larger international banks as for his own hedge funds. Björn has always had a love of haberdashery baskets and sewing. Wearing plaid comes naturally to Björn!

Joe Danielson: is a business development and communications specialist from the US, with over 30 years experience in B2B technology brands. Joe now lives and works in Sweden, and contributes continuously to SizeNot with workshops on branding and sales and great advice on marketing.

Magnus Brommesson: has worked with sales and growth management since 1997 and has had senior roles within the Anticimex Group.

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