The people in the world of The Size Revolution SizeNot are we; the innovator, Stina Dahlin CEO (right) & Mia Berg (left). If you want to get in touch with the two of us, you’ll find Stina at stina.dahlin@sizenot.com and Mia at mia.berg@sizenot.com

The two of us have a vast experience in the fashion industry, based on our different skills, Stina as patternmaker and Mia as stylist. Through our work we have come to understand the complexity of the problem with ”size” – both from the consumer side and also from the fashion producer/retailer side.

We aim to longterm eliminate the concept of ”size” altogether. The consumers will no longer need to know or even think about their size. And fashion producers will eventually be rid of all returns due to wrong size clothing. This is how we came up with the size solution – SizeNot! A digital service, unique in it’s field.

However, we are no tech-developers, even though Stina is a tad bit nerdy … So we needed to add specific competence to the project, and now our world also includes tech-dude Björn Berglund, our CTO with a vast experience as an IT-designer/architect. You will find Björn at bjorn.berglund@sizenot.com

Along the way we have had the help of some great people and right now, doing the programming is Macaroni Studios.

But we have to give credit where credit is due, and for the first year in the project, Anders Hansson was our tech-developer-nerd. With a little help from his, only slightly less nerdy, collegue Tatsiana Harbenka. One more tech-nerd needs to be mentioned; Kim Haapamäki helped us one summer set up our proof-of-concept, on which our whole development is based.

(Oh, did we say WE LOOOOOVE NERDS?! We do.)

Last but not least, backing us corporate wise, we have the investmentgroup I Love Lund on board.

We are growing our people base! More to come soon.


The Advisory Board

SizeNot is very lucky indeed to be surrounded by extremely competent and experienced advisors, in all different areas of business. These are:

Anna Arwidi; with over 20 years of experience working in market and business development for small, medium and large global organizations across diverse industries. Most recently the focus has been retail tech and making a difference for customers in customer experience, security and operations by the use of various technologies.

Björn Englund; manages I Love Lund, an investment group investing in start-ups and scale-ups. Björn has invested and believed in SizeNot since the beginning, in 2018. A background of 25 years of experience within the financial sector, of which 15 years in fund managing and analytics in Copenhagen, Luxembourg and the Middle East, as well for larger international banks as for his own hedge funds. Björn has always had a love of haberdashery baskets and sewing. Wearing plaid comes naturally to Björn!

Joe Danielson: is a business development and communications specialist from the US, with over 30 years experience in B2B technology brands. Joe now lives and works in Sweden, and contributes continuously to SizeNot with workshops on branding and sales and great advice on marketing.

Magnus Brommesson: has worked with sales and growth management since 1997 and has had senior roles within the Anticimex Group.


SizeNot gets good press

Here’s the link to the article in two local newspapers Sydsvenskan and Helsinborgs Dagblad, in Swedish, where you need to be logged in with a Premium-subscription. Below part of the article in Swedish/English.

Skånska modeveteraner vill slopa alla klädstorlekar

Skrota systemet med klädstorlekar.
Det tycker de skånska modeveteranerna Stina Dahlin och Mia Berg.
De har tagit fram en metod som de menar kan förbättra passformen på kläder man köper på nätet.

Elisabeth Andersson Sydsvenska Dagbladet, 30 januari 2021

Bild: Ingemar D Kristiansen

Idén har kommit ur Stina Dahlins och Mia Bergs egen yrkeserfarenhet av modebranschen. Stina Dahlin har jobbat länge med design och mönsterkonstruktion och Mia Berg har en bakgrund som klädstylist.

– Vi har sett våra kunder våndas över hur svårt det är att hitta kläder som passar. Det gäller nu mer än någonsin med tanke på hur mycket kläder som köps online och som man aldrig provar, säger Mia Berg.

– Vår grundidé är att man ska kunna köpa kläder utan att bry sig om vilken storlek man har. Helst vill vi att man helt tar bort storleksetiketten eftersom storlekar ändå kan vara så olika, säger Stina Dahlin.

Bild: Ingemar D Kristiansen

Tillsammans har de startat det Lundabaserade företaget SizeNot som bygger på en digital tjänst för klädköp på nätet. Kunden scannar sina kroppsmått en gång i en app. Den matchar sedan kroppsmåtten mot plagget direkt vid köpet och får fram den bästa passformen på det sättet i stället för att fokusera på storlek.

Bild: Ingemar D Kristiansen

Det finns i dag andra appar som hjälper till att välja storlek när man handlar kläder på nätet.

– Men de apparna är kopplade till de olika klädföretagens e-handel. De går efter de storlekstabeller som finns just där. Vår metod går ut på att man som kund ska kunna använda den oavsett vilket företag man handlar hos, säger Stina Dahlin.

I höstas lämnade de in en patentansökan på sin metod som nu behandlas. Ett antal investerare i Lund har gått in med pengar i deras företag. Nu visar de upp sin tjänst för några svenska klädkedjor.

– Vi vill helst samarbeta med klädkedjor som är globala och som länge arbetat med ett miljö- och hållbarhetstänk, säger Stina Dahlin.

– Om allt går enligt planerna hoppas vi att tjänsten kan börja användas till våren eller sommaren, säger Mia Berg.

The article in English translation:

Swedish fashion veterans want to ditch clothing size

Get rid of the system with clothing sizes. So think the two Swedish fashion veterans Stina Dahlin and Mia Berg. Their method improves the fit of clothing bought online

The idea stems from Stinas and Mias professional experiences within the fashion industry. Stina has been working for a long time in design and pattern construction and Mia has a background as a fashion stylist.

– We have seen the anxiety in our clients over the difficulties in finding the right size clothing. Even more so now considering the amounts of clothing bought online that you can’t try on, says Mia.

– The basic idea is to be able to buy clothes without even thinking about what size you are. Ultimately, we would like for the size tag to disappear all together, since the sizes differ so much anyway, says Stina.

Together they have founded SizeNot, a company based in Lund/Sweden, whuch is built on the digital service for online fashion shopping. The end consumers scan their body measurements once in the app. The app then matches these measurements with the actual garment right away at the tiem of purchase, thus obtaining the best fit possible instead of focusing on size.

There are other sizing apps today that helps you chose size when shopping online.

– But those apps are connected to the various brands and their webshops. They go by the sizecharts available in the webshop. Our method can be used by the consumers regardless of what brand they chose to shop from, says Stina.

I höstas lämnade de in en patentansökan på sin metod som nu behandlas. Ett antal investerare i Lund har gått in med pengar i deras företag. Nu visar de upp sin tjänst för några svenska klädkedjor. This fall, a patentapplication was submitted for the method, and is now being processed. Several local investors have invested in the company so far. Now they are demonstrating their service for a couple of the major Swedish fashion chains.

– We would love to work with global fashion chains who have longterm environment- and sustainability policies, says Stina.

– If all goes as planned, we hope to launch SizeNot in webshops by spring or summer this year, says Mia.

The Patent

Patent Application

Since Sept 17th, SizeNot has a EU patent pending for the algorithm matching body measures to garment measures.